Staircase remodel AZ Fixer Upper


I don’t know about you, but when I think of stairways I envision the scene from Grease where Frankie Avalon descends like a god from a beam of light.  I was hoping to do something similar in our house, but alas I couldn’t find those pyramid-hair rolls wigs. Instead, we’ll close in the stairs and […] Arizona Fixer Upper


Hey there, Thanks for swinging by. I haven’t posted in a month because I got caught up with our new house! We’ve moved across town into a sweet house. It’s a bit dated – think 1984. It comes complete with popcorn ceilings, laminate cabinetry, a choppy floor plan, and wait for it, leopard print wallpaper! […]

No fart zone SheChronicles

    Touchdown in the Fart Zone Ok, I have to tell a little story on Hubberkins. Don’t worry, I already cleared it with him. In fact, he’s kinda proud that I’m telling this story. (Haha – I said “fart” twice). It’s a story about farts. Yah, seriously, he’s proud that his farts made the […]

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)

Hillary and Donald on Dancing with the Stars I heard someone complaining the other day that Americans, particularly Millennials, just aren’t voting? Those darn kids. You can’t get them to do anything. Well, perhaps we need to alter the antiquated voting methods and opt for something a little more, shall we say, 21st century? I […]

The Awkward Coffee Shop

Welcome to that place between cool and total dork. Nothing makes me feel cooler and at the same time more awkward than going to a coffee shop. I don’t mean the ubiquitous ones on every corner. I’m taking about the ones inhabited by hipsters, college students, and stylish bald guys with their Cole Hans, blue […]